How to determine what asset a Monitron sensor belongs too


How do you determine what asset a Monitron sensor was attached too? Example: you return from the weekend and five sensors are sitting on your desk. How can you determine what asset each of those sensor belong too?

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This is the doc I received for this.

Identifying location of Monitron sensors with unknown location procedure

  1. Click on the link for ROI in WorkDocs. ROI Excel Document
  2. Click on the most recent week and download under “Actions”. Example - Data WK 16.xlsx
  3. If unable to access WorkDocs reach out to Monitron PdM Specialist for a copy.
  4. Scan the 2D bar code on the Monitron sensor with phone. Example - DF:DF:19:D0:D0:2143
  5. Remove colons and last four numbers of scan. Result example – DFDF19D0D0
  6. Open up downloaded excel document.
  7. Select the tab with “gdpr_repo” in it.
  8. Highlight Column B and in the Task Bar above click on “Sort & Filter”. Select Filter
  9. On column B click on down drop arrow
  10. In the search window enter your site name and click enter
  11. Highlight column E
  12. On keyboard enter Ctrl F
  13. A “Find and Replace “window will appear
  14. Enter Bar code scan modified without colons and last four numbers removed in search window
  15. Select “Find Next”
  16. The sensor EAM Asset number and location on the conveyor will be identified
  17. Determine if sensor is damaged beyond use.
  18. If damaged follow procedure to replace with a new sensor
  19. Other wise clean sensor and write on sensor conveyor number and location.
  20. Install sensor
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Another simpler approach to determining the asset associated with the sensor:

  • scan QR code at bottom of sensor
  • submit support ticket with AWS Account ID, Monitron Project Name/ID, and sensor QR code
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