How do I know AWS events data which is actually generated?


I would like to know exact JSON data describing an event to construct a custom event pattern in EventBridge configuration. It seems there is only "detail" information in the Event Record on CloudTrail. How do I know the top-level fields such as "source" or "detail-type" of an event?

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Check the following documentation for examples of supported events.

For CloudTrail, "detail-type" will all be "AWS API Call via CloudTrail".
For events occurring in AWS, "Source" will always start with "aws".
For more information, please check the following documents.

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All the top level fields are described here. An event producer must specify the source, detail type and detail. They can also specify the timestamp and resources. All the event information should be provided in the detail type (which indicates what is the event) and the details, which should include all the needed information in nested fields.

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