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Hi, I am trying to publish a task in AMT, but I am getting the error, "you have exceeded your monthly credit limit". I have signed up for AWS billing and my credit card information is valid and up-to-date. Can anyone kindly help me with what to do in this scenario?

I have submitted a request to the support team about this, but I need this resolved urgently.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Based on the error you've received, contacting our Mechanical Turk (MTurk) support team would be the correct action to take.

If this is the support team you submitted your request to, they'll get back to you soon with more info. If not, you can contact us here for assistance:


-- Ben G.

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  • Hi Ben, thanks for your response. I realized that I submitted the request through the link that you provided. I got a response from one of the members of Mechanical Turk Requester Support saying that a request has been sent to increase my monthly spending limit. But there was no other follow-up.

    As I mentioned in my original question, I am in dire need of launching the survey asap. Is there anything I can do to speedup the request approval process?

  • Same. I'm new and my limit says it's 2,500 already yet I couldn't publish something for 1,008. I dropped it to 2 and that exceeded the limit too. So I'm pretty sure when you're new the limit is 0. We are forced into AWS billing and can't use pre-paid HITS or pay upfront in any way and then they don't give you a workable account. I've been waiting for 5 days and this is after being told 3 times my case is being expedited. I cannot wait a month because I need this batch for doctoral research to graduate.

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