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Macie provides detailed positions of sensitive data in output file. But, I want to extract that data using positions from output file. Also, macie reveal only 10 samples. Is there any way to get more than 10 samples in aws macie "reveal samples"? If don't, is there any other solution(like sql query or something) to extract the complete data from sensitive files?

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I would suggest to refer to the following AWS code sample posted on the following link (gitHub resource): . This solution uses the Macie Findings instead the Macie Job Results because the documentation shows that is best practice [] , since the Job Results has to be immutable, using KMS encryption. When the Findings are delivered to a S3 bucket (from a Firehose Data Stream), a Lambda function starts a Glue Workflow that runs ETL Jobs and Crawlers to transfor Json into Parquet.

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