AWS RDS Aurora serverless V2 failover to reader instance during network distrupt


Hi team I'm using Aurora serverless v2 and i need to check the fault tolerance in the RDS cluster. so i created FIS experiment to network distrupt on the subnet where writer instance exist. but failover not happening to reader instance as i expected. then i use the FIS cluster failover which is working as expected (writer instance got failed over to reader ). Would you please let me know why RDS failover not happening for network disruption as i'm disrupting the subnet where writer instance exist.

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How are you "disturpting" a AWS network that you believe will cause a Auora Failover?

Many Aurora features apply to the failover mechanism. For example, Aurora detects database problems and activates the failover mechanism automatically when necessary.

Aurora will fail over when it detects an issue with its self. Not communicaiton issues between your clients and the Aurora instance

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  • Hi Gary, Thank you very much for your quick response, I'm using the AWS FIS with 'aws:network:disrupt-connectivity' and disrupting one subnet(availability zone AZc) where Aurora serverless v2 writer instance also (availability zone AZc) exist. Will it not make any disrupt on my db instance ? If not Is there any way i can make a issue on the writer instance so I can check the failover scenario ?

  • Afraid that FIS test has no impact on Aurora. This test could be utitlised test ALB/NLB fail over however not for aurora.


You can test the Aurora failovers using fault injection queries. Please a look at the below URL.

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