Could AWS batch work with EKS anywhere ?


Could AWS batch work with Amazon ECS Anywhere, Amazon EKS Anywhere In the documentation I do not sow construction to use it like: "platformCapabilities": [ "EXTERNAL" ]

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At this current time EKS Anywhere on Batch is not supported. Reason being, the control plane in EKS Anywhere is hosted on-prem. As a result, the Kubernetes API isn't hosted on EKS service side. Given the differences [1] between EKS-A and EKS, integration with AWS Batch would be a separate feature in itself.

In terms of ECS Anywhere, it isn't natively supported. However, as a workaround, you should be able to use a combination of unmanaged Batch compute environments [2] and ECS Anywhere instances to implement something similar. Unmanaged compute environments allow you to manage your own compute resources(container instances) and ECS Anywhere would allow you to register on-premise instances to an ECS Cluster. When you create an unmanaged compute environment, Batch creates an empty ECS Cluster. You can then register the on-premise instances as external instances to the ECS Cluster created by Batch. The drawbadk here is that Batch isn't able to manage the compute resources in an unmanaged compute environment, so you would need to ensure that enough compute capacity(vCpus) is made available in the ECS Cluster for the unmanaged compute environment before submitting jobs to the queue or else they will get stuck in the RUNNABLE status.

References: [1] [2]

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  • Having an unmanaged AWS Batch compute environment is not enough for Batch to work with ECS Anywhere because the job definition needs to support the EXTERNAL platform capability, but it doesn't. I created a separate topic for this.

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