how to handle being hacked.


when I connect to mysql database on AWS all my tables and data are gone. I see one table called Readme. It has one row with this message. 'I have backed up all your databases. To recover them you must pay 0.013 BTC (Bitcoin) to this address: 15iAAAU4EUwtsg5RKn8iEiA3FPcaACx7NW . Backup List: bffsocial. After your payment email me at with your server IP ( and transaction ID and you will get a download link to your backup. Emails without transaction ID and server IP will be ignored. '


  1. how do I stop being hacked?
  2. how do I get my tables/data back if I did not have the back up activated? thanks.
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Sorry to hear you have been hacked..

  • No not use PUBLIC Databases
  • If you do use public, ensure its secured to trusted IP Addresses
  • Use TLS for data in transit
  • Ensure ALL passwords are complex
  • Do not use standard usernames such as ADMIN or ROOT
  • Disable un-used user accounts

There would have been no other way to restore the data without a backup of some kind.

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