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Host a python django website in aws in free tier


I'm a newbie to AWS. I have developed a python django website of size 5GB. I'm planning to launch it via AWS Ec2 instance by adding ads in the site. I created an ec2 instance by choosing t3.micro and a db- rds instance by selecting mysql. So this db instance went beyond 20GB limit in a day which i have no idea. i did just created the db instance. So this ec2 instance will have project folder of size 5GB and DB rds instance will have a user table which will be used on signup of the user and during login of the user. Only two scenarios. How to choose ec2 instance type and DB rds instance storage to stay in free tier?

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Below guidance and links with details will help you plan for the scenario

  2. --> This covers compute, RDS, S3 and EBS
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