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Is it possible to use Amazon Textract as a simple service in a manual fashion? Can you use it through the console and get billed. I dont have the knowledge to program.

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The demo might suit your needs:

You can upload your own documents (with a few limits) and get the results directly in the console.

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  • My concern is that it is a demo. Can you use this for an instance for 100 documents? Will this be against AWS Terms of Service?


Hi! You can use the console to try out your documents. Under the hood it is calling the service APIs for you tied to your account. So you can use it with all the documents you want, but bear in mind if you go over the free tier you will be charged!

As part of the AWS Free Tier, you can get started with Amazon Textract for free. The Free Tier lasts for three months, and new AWS customers can analyze up to:

Detect Document Text API: 1,000 pages per month Analyze Document API:

  • 100 Pages per month when using Forms or Tables feature
  • Additional 100 pages per month when using Queries feature NEW
  • Analyze Expense API: 100 pages per month
  • Analyze ID API: 100 pages per month

Hope this helps :)

Dani M
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I had the same problem! Developers wanted to charge me $3k++ do design it. Check out - It did exactly what I wanted it to do (just like the demo page from another answer, but without the 11 page limit) Nanonets is free up to 100 pages then monthly

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