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I'm attempting to launch my application in Swedish, and it functions properly during local execution. To achieve this on my local setup, I use the "appium:locale" and "appium:language" capabilities. However, when I include these capabilities in my spec file on the device farm, I encounter an error message stating, "Appium did not start within 30 seconds. Exiting." I've attempted extending this timeout to 120 seconds without success. The application works fine on the device farm when I remove these additional capabilities. I need assistance in conducting localization tests on the device farm.

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Hello, Thank you for posting on AWS re:Post forum. I understand that the Device Farm runs are failing with error "Appium did not start within 30 seconds. Exiting.". Generally speaking, the locale setup for each Device Farm run should not take longer than 30 seconds. Additionally, if the same Appium test (with locale configuration) can run successfully in local environment, it should also work in Device Farm devices. Therefore, please kindly check and confirm if there are any differences between Device Farm test suite and the local test runs (if any). Searching on the error message, it appears the error clause comes from this code snippet [1]. To test and see if such test logic is the one exiting the test runs, could you please remove the IF statement block, starting from "if [[ $appium_initialization_time -gt 30 ]]" ? Alternatively, please try using Schedule Run API to configure locale, instead of configuring from Appium, and see if it would allow the test to pass. Lastly, please consider raising a technical support case from AWS Support Console [3], including the test run ARN and the complete Device Farm test run log output, so that our technical support engineers can further provide in-depth troubleshooting for your particular use case. I hope the above information is helpful. Have a nice day.

Links and References [1] [2] [3]

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