Alternative to monthly bill payment option in India


AWS has discontinued the auto-bill payment option recently, due to a recent change in government guidelines in India.

The manual tracking and monthly bill payment mode carry the risk of missing one or two bill payments due to any unpredictable circumstances. As a result of which you run into the risk of losing your account and all the resources and data in it.

I have been seeking an alternative solution in order to cover my account against such vulnerabilities. Any such solution already available to address this issue will be greatly helpful.

The following alternatives come to my mind, not sure why anything like that is not provided by Amazon.

  • A digital wallet to cover one/two months' billing expense
  • Auto clearance of minimum payment to keep an account active
  • An upfront payment for a certain amount of storage, similar to what is already there for reserved compute resources.
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Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding alternative bill payment options, we're always trying to improve our services and appreciate your input!

I have passed your thoughts and ideas on to our Payments team for review.


-- Ben G.

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I have the same request. Perhaps this can be connected to Amazon Pay? I usually have enough balance there for the minimum payment. I would not mind paying in advance either! The monthly payment esp when am travelling is quite difficult

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