Unable to federate Amazon Connect instance


I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue I am facing while trying to federate an Amazon Connect instance with Microsoft Azure. Despite following the guides and documents provided by Amazon, I am unable to complete the process successfully. The specific error message I encounter states, "Your account has been authenticated, but has not been onboarded to this application."

I have made several attempts to resolve the problem on my own, but unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in finding a solution. Therefore, I kindly request your expert support in troubleshooting and resolving this federation issue.

I am looking for your assistance.

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Hi there.

This error indicates one of the following possible issues:

  • The username in Amazon Connect doesn't match the RoleSessionName SAML attribute specified in the SAML response returned by the identity provider.
  • The user doesn't exist in Amazon Connect.
  • The user has two separate profiles assigned to them with SSO.

I believe this article can help you troubleshoot your connection.

I hope this helps.

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