how upload and local cache works with s3 file gateway ?


how upload and local cache works with s3 file gateway ?

Lets assume I am using S3 file gateway in on premise as a SMB share and If I upload 2GB file to my SMB share at on premise how soon it will be uploaded to S3? Is there any interval time to upload these file to S3? How much local cache is available by default? last question is if I access the file which is there in S3 how much time it will remain in my local cache any specific options available to modify these settings?

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File Gateway uploads data to S3 asynchronously with optimized transfers, using multipart uploads and copy put operations. File Gateway starts uploading to S3 as soon as the file is written to its local cache. File Gateway writes to the local cache synchronously.

Time for the file to be uploaded and available in S3 would depend on the throughput from the File Gateway VM to S3. You can use CloudBytesUploaded CloudWatch metrics to get the throughput from your gateway to S3. To get notified when the upload is complete to S3, you can use file upload notifications.

File Gateway needs minimum of 150 GiB of cache disk. You can have 64 TiB of maximum cache.

File Gateway automatically manages the cache maintaining the most recently accessed data based on client read and write operations. Data is evicted from the cache only when space is needed to store more recently used data. Currently there are no specific options available to configure these on the cache. However, you can use CacheHitPercent, CachePercentUsed CloudWatch metrics to monitor cache utilization.

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  • Thanks for your response.

    How long will a particular file remain in the local cache once we access it?

    If my local cache gets full and I don't want to increase the local cache I want to use further uploaded file from cloud only since I don't want any performance is it possible?

  • If the file is frequently accessed, it is more likely to remain in the cache. When there is a need to evict data from the cache, the gateway evicts the least recently used data first. File Gateway doesn't evict data from the cache unless it needs additional space to store recent frequently used data. There is no time limit for data in the cache.

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