Unable to enable cross-Region automated backups in RDS


Following this guide from AWS about Enabling cross-Region automated backups, I am not able to find the Manage cross-Region replication option under automated backups in RDS. The only option I can see is the Restore to point in time.

Cannot see the cross-region replication option

Has anyone experienced this before? Does anyone know why this option is missing?

Would it be a permission issue (as I am not using the root user account)? Would it be related to database versions?

More info:

  • The DB is in us-east-1, so this feature should be available according to this documentation.
  • The DB engine is aurora-postgresql.
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  • This is expected behavior as cross region automated backups are supported for RDS Databases. With Aurora compatible PostgreSQL, the backups are stored only in the region where the cluster is present and they are not copied automatically across regions.


  1. You can leverage Aurora Global databases. Where you can have clusters in different region. Aurora replicates data to the secondary AWS Regions using dedicated infrastructure, with latency typically under a second.


  1. You can use AWS Backup service. Limitation is, AWS Backup does not have the feature to create continuous backups of Aurora resources.
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  • Hello, thank you for your help.

    Do you mean cross-region automated backups are not supported for RDS databases? Is it possible to enable the automated backups to another region? It's only for the snapshots not creating a replica. It seems possible to do it according to this guide: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/USER_ReplicateBackups.html#AutomatedBackups.Replicating.Enable. What is this guide referring to and is it not applicable to Aurora PostgreSQL?

  • Sometimes its confusing but when AWS doc says RDS, it refers to RDS MySQL, RDS Postgres, RDS SQL Server, RDS Oracle and RDS MariaDB. It does not refer to Aurora MySQL or Aurora Postgres.

    Though RDS and Aurora are available within the same AWS Database console. Aurora service does not support all features of RDS and vise versa.

    In this case, backup document you are referring is specific to RDS. So, if you have RDS database in your environment, you can see option "Manage Cross Region Replication" in console. But as this feature is not supported by Aurora MySQL or Postgres, you wont get cross-region option for backup.

  • Got it, thank you!

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