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Hello folks,

I have a basic question that I couldn't find a answer myself.

If I change the master password of an instance, will my apps using that instance lose their connection to the database even if they are using other user than master?

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Changing the root password of an RDS (Relational Database Service) instance on AWS does not necessarily disrupt the connections of applications that use other usernames to connect to the database. However, there are some nuances to consider:

- Direct Impact of Password Change: If an application is using the root username and password to connect to the database, then it will lose its connection when the password is changed and won't be able to reconnect until the application's configuration is updated with the new password.

- Maintenance Window and Immediate Apply: When you change settings on an RDS instance, including the root password, you usually have an option to apply the changes immediately or during the next scheduled maintenance window. If you choose to apply immediately, AWS might reboot the RDS instance, which can cause a temporary disruption to all connections, including those of applications using other usernames. If you choose to apply during the next maintenance window, then there will be no immediate disruption.

- Connection Pooling: Many applications use connection pooling to maintain a set of database connections. Even if the application uses a different username to connect, a reboot or restart of the RDS instance (as might happen with immediate apply) would disrupt those connections, and they would need to be re-established.

- Best Practices: In general, applications shouldn't use the root username and password for regular operations. It's better to create specific database users with appropriate permissions for each application or service. This way, changes to the root password or other administrative tasks are less likely to disrupt application operations.

- RDS Endpoint: Ensure that you're not changing the endpoint (or DNS name) of the RDS instance. Changing the password won't change the endpoint, but if you were making other modifications, it's something to keep in mind.

In conclusion, while changing the root password itself won't disrupt connections using other usernames, the potential reboot of the RDS instance (if you apply changes immediately) can cause a temporary disruption. Always test such changes in a non-production environment first and plan for potential brief outages when making changes in production.

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  • This answer is awesome, thank you very much.

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