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I received an email stating "We were unable to validate important details about your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account so your account has been placed on hold pending additional verification. At this time, we need you to confirm your address information so we can remove the hold."

I have uploaded a copy of a utility bill with my address on it, but my account is still suspended.

I'm not even generating much activity on the account. I'm using it for training purposes for the AWS Architect Certification. The problems seem to start when I did the Control Tower training at which I was flagged.

I would really like to continue my training. I don't care if you delete everything and I start over again, I just want to keep going in the training sessions.

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If you've supplied the relevant documentation, please give the AWS support team some time to respond.

I do not have visibility into why your account is on hold, but if you are experimenting with Control Tower, keep in mind that it will create multiple new accounts as part of the Control Tower deployment. I don't know if that raised any flags, but a new AWS account provisioning multiple new accounts may look malicious to automated systems.

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  • You are telling me that AWS automatically created new accounts from Control Tower, then flagged me as suspicious due to the accounts AWS itself created? That seems like a pretty big bug to me. The first thing the detector should do is know the difference between Control Tower creating a landing zone and an outside script.

  • @Warthog again I cannot say for sure that is the reason why, I'm just speculating based on what you've mentioned.

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