Migration of Windows File Server from Datacenter to AWS


Dear Experts, We have windows file server in Data Center with approximately 3.5 TB of Data allocated in 4 disks in DC. Windows file server is on server 2012 in Data center. We are doing migration of this file server to AWS using AWS Migration Services(MGN). Business user is not ready to use Windows FSX as the option here therefore we migrating the file server. After migration, the server will be upgraded to 2019 and then the cutover will be done. Do you forsee any issue with migration with such a large amount of data? For replication disks we are using gp3 disk and replication is happening over the internet so replication process is quite slow. However, the query is that after the replication, do you forsee any issue with upgrade and cutover of the instance? Business is expecting to have all file shares permissions should be replicated to the target. Thanks

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MGN uses block-level replication and as such the migrated server is the exact server that is on-premises even from an active directory view. The amount of data that can be pushed across the wire is certainly bound by the available bandwidth. See the guidance at: Windows In-Place Upgrade. Also be sure to check out my blog on the AWS Architecture Site: Avoid affecting your production environment during migration with AWS Application Migration Service for domain-joined Windows specific scenarios with MGN.

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