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I have an inquiry about Snowcone usage. From the user guide, OpsHub must be needed to manage Snowcone, but need an advise if any other simplified method exist, here are the questions:

In the interest of making life easy for what may be “semi-technical” end users, I’m curious if they can just hook the device up to their laptop via USB and copy data to it. Q. Does the end user HAVE to use OpsHub to unlock/transfer data/lock the device? Q. Does the device HAVE to be put on a network, or can data be transferred via USB-C directly?

From my understanding, answers to above Q. 'Yes need OpsHub and Yes needs to be put on a network', if you can confirm my understanding as well, would be helpful.

Thank you.

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AWS Snowcone requires being unlocked, either via OpsHub or via the Snowball Edge CLI. As for transferring data, the Snowcone provides an NFS interface that must be mounted by one or more clients that will transfer data to it over the network.

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