Unable to delete Quicksight orphaned calculated fields


Hi, We have a quicksight analysis where we built quite a few Sheets with a number of visuals each however at some stage we have changed the dataset that we use for the particular sheet. Everything is working ok however when I am trying to export the analyses, I am getting the error. After running the describe-analysis-definition, I can see the error:

{ "Type": "DATA_SET_NOT_FOUND", "Message": "The DataSet that used in the calculated field can not be found in the analysis", "ViolatedEntities": [ { "Path": "calculated-field/Count Jobs" } ] }, After doing looking further down the response, I can see that the calculated field referenced in the error doesn't have associated dataset.

{ "Name": "Count Jobs", "Expression": "distinct_count({bc95e394-7ec4-4d9a-81b2-432520f22e67.test})" }

Basically what is happening is that we have had some calculated fields created based on the old dataset and when the dataset was removed, those calculated fields were not automatically removed from the analyses. As a result, we have this error but there is no way to remove those orphaned fields since they are not visible in the analyses anymore.

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Try creating the missing calculated fields with some default values as per the data type . This should resolve the error . Next step would be to remove these fields from the analysis .Finally you can replace the existing dataset by a newer version of the dataset ( where you dont have these calculated fields )

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