Multiple game servers in a single EC2 instance. Unreal Engine 5.1.



I have been following the official GameLift & Unreal tutorial and have been able to get it working in UE 5.1. I'd like to know what steps should I do to run multiple game servers in a single EC2 instance. The tutorial above only shows how to run a single game server. We are planning to have one dedicated server for each game session in our project.

There was a related question here, but our project does not use Steam.

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A fleet makes use of it's runtime configuration to determine the type and number of server processes to run per instance.

Here's relevant documentation that outlines how to do the same, optimizations, and decisions on the number of server processes per instance.


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  • Thanks for the reply. If I understand correctly, a dedicated server is not the same as a server process? I see an option to increase the number of server processes per instance, but I would like to know how to run additional dedicated servers per instance. I tried connecting to the instance using Remote Desktop and manually starting another dedicated server. Perhaps there is a more streamlined way of doing this.

  • A server process essentially boils down to an executable that GameLift launches according to the provided runtime configuration. So if the process you are launching is a dedicated server in itself, each process would correspond to a dedicated server. If your build contains an executable responsible for a single dedicated server, you should just use the ConcurrentExecutions parameter to launch multiple instances of these.

  • Thanks! This makes a lot more sense now.

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