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How to upload the FTR reports on partner network console. I have gone through the document/pdf for the FTR. The document says login to partner network and then Build->Offerings, but the actual console did not have the Offering option. Can you please share the steps to upload the FTR reports. Looking forward for you reply.

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After completing both the automated validation and self-assessment, request an FTR in AWS Partner Central and upload the report from the validation tool and the self-assessment questionnaire.

*To find an offering for which review is being requested: Go to Partner Central > Offerings > Edit > Select ‘Yes’ > Next > Complete all required fields for the listing. If the offering is not listed, create a new offering by clicking "New" and completing all the required fields for the listing.

AWS will review your submitted documents and provide confirmation upon FTR approval or email instructions for remediation. Upon successfully completing an FTR, you gain immediate access to AWS Partner benefits including ‘qualified software’ badge, funding, marketing resources, and more.

The details for this are mentioned in our public doc as well under step 4. -> https://aws.amazon.com/partners/foundational-technical-review/

This article also covers details about FTR Process for Partner Hosted Solutions :

-> https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/apn/new-foundational-technical-review-process-for-partner-hosted-solutions/

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