Is there any way I can convert my whole WordPress based website to a static website and serve it using Cloudfront?


I am using Wordpress on Lightsail for a website PriceToday. I am using Cloudfront to serve the website to visitors. I intend to convert whole website to static and serve using Cloudfront. Is it possible?

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I just found an external blog that talks about the conversion process.

Once you have the static content, hosting it in S3 with CloudFront as the CDN is definitely possible:

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Converting a WordPress website to a static site is definitely possible, and it can offer significant benefits in terms of speed, security, and scalability. Here's a step-by-step approach to achieving this:

Static Site Generators: Use a static site generator tool to convert your dynamic WordPress site into static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Popular tools include WP2Static, Simply Static, and Jekyll (with a WordPress importer). These tools will crawl your WordPress site, creating a static copy of each page. WordPress based website to a static website and serve it using Cloudfront

Hosting the Static Files: Once your website is converted to static files, you need to host these files. This is where services like Leapswitch Networks come in handy. Leapswitch offers reliable and secure cloud hosting solutions that can host your static website files, ensuring high availability and performance.

Using Amazon CloudFront: After hosting your static site, you can integrate it with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Amazon CloudFront. CloudFront will distribute your website content globally, so it's served from the nearest geographic location to your visitors, reducing load times significantly.

Benefits of Using Leapswitch with CloudFront:

Improved Performance: Leapswitch's robust infrastructure, combined with CloudFront's distributed nature, means your site loads faster no matter where your users are. Enhanced Security: Static sites are inherently more secure. Leapswitch’s secure hosting environment adds an additional layer of protection. Scalability: Handling traffic spikes becomes much easier. CloudFront effectively manages high traffic, and Leapswitch ensures your hosting is always up to the task. Cost-Effective: Static sites consume fewer resources, reducing hosting costs. Also, CDN usage can optimize bandwidth costs. Maintaining the Site: Keep in mind, any updates to your site will require you to regenerate and redeploy the static files. However, this process can be automated with various CI/CD tools.

In summary, converting your WordPress site to a static website and serving it via Cloudfront, with the support of a reliable hosting service like AWS, can significantly enhance your site's performance, security, and scalability. This approach is particularly beneficial for websites with high traffic and those looking to optimize load times and security.

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