very tricky to find where to delete services and to see what services are ON


Does anyone knows where is a place where I can DELETE my services? Is it impossible to find theme even if everywhere it's written I've a service in 2 regions, but no way to know them nor to delete them. It seems a bad tricky of Amazon to steal your money, a bribery. Especially when Amazon says that AWS can go on to bill me!!! If a seller is honest he doesn't use such tricky features to avoid that your Customer can terminate all the services he doesn't want without spending hours to try to find a command like "DELETE" or "TERMINATE". AWS seems so bad to me. Can anyone send me a direct link or a copy screen of what I've to find to perform the termination of all the services that AWS could have on my name and to be sure AWS stops billing me? Thank you

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AWS Cost Explorer should show you what services and in which regions you are using. You can find this using "Group-by" per Region and Service. If you're not familiar with Cost Explorer, here is how to get started

To show group-by region (where services are)["Region"]&historicalRelativeRange=LAST_7_DAYS

To show group-by service (what services you are using)["Service"]&historicalRelativeRange=LAST_7_DAYS

If you don't need any of AWS services, you can also close the account and that will stop all usage and billing. This might take a moment, so I would first locate the services, terminate them and then close my account.

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AWS Config is delivering such inventories:

List of supported resources:

This video is very detailled about AWS Config capabilities:



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