[Announcement] Heads-up – Longer AWS Storage Gateway volume and snapshot IDs coming in 2016


Last November, AWS announced that in 2016 we will be moving to longer identifiers for instances, volumes, reservations, and snapshots to support the ongoing growth of Amazon Web Services. As an AWS Storage Gateway customer, we wanted to let you know how this will affect you.

The current ID format for AWS Storage Gateway volumes, and EBS snapshots created from gateway volumes, is a resource identifier followed by an 8-character string. In December 2016, all new volumes and snapshots will be created with a new format, which is the same resource identifier followed by a 17-character string. Starting in April 2016, you will be able to opt in to using these longer IDs so you can test your systems with the new format.

After you opt in, all new volumes and snapshots will receive longer IDs; existing resources will not be affected. The vast majority of our customers will not be impacted by this change. Only systems that parse or store resource IDs might be impacted. We strongly recommend opting in to the longer ID format before December 2016 and testing your systems. You can also opt out if your testing uncovers issues that you need to address.

For Amazon EC2 resources this opt-in period has already begun. More information about timelines and testing procedures can be found on the Amazon EC2 FAQ page. If you have questions, contact the AWS support team.

The Amazon Web Services Team

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