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I've created a S3 Static website hosting - purchased a domain and configured it to point to my CloudFront distribution. My domain is working with HTTPS/HTTP .mySite.com. however it does not when using www - I get a "Can't find server" blank page.

My Configuration is below:

S3 bucket mySite

CloudFront Distributions Alternate domain names mySite.com www.mySite.com Custom SSL certificate mySite.com

ACM Certificate = Verified Status
Domain CNAME entries: mySite.com www.mySite.com

R53 Hosted Zone mySite.com A/AA Records: mySite.com www.mySite.com NS Record: mySite.com

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This was fixed with this solution. Removed the www A/AA records and created a CNAME record pointing to the mySite.com alias as shown.


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Both mySite.com and www.mySite.com need to be A (alias) records pointing to your CloudFront distribution in Route 53.

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