Data Wrangler costs in Cost Explorer?


Is there a way to separate out Notebook from Data Wrangler costs in Cost Explorer? I've narrowed it down by service to SageMaker, but I'm not sure if I'm looking for the right thing by searching for "wrangler" in the other filters ("usage type", etc).

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Yes, you can separate out the costs of Amazon SageMaker Notebook instances and Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler in the AWS Cost Explorer by filtering on the "Usage Type" dimension. The Usage Type for SageMaker Notebook instances typically starts with "AmazonSageMaker:NotebookInstance" and the Usage Type for SageMaker Data Wrangler starts with "AmazonSageMaker:DataWrangler".

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  • I got the information by doing a Group By of Usage Type, and then I was able to see how much cost there was for like EU-Notebk:ml.r5.xlarge vs for USE1-Studio:KernelGateway-ml.g4dn.xlarge. Studio:KernelGateway can never mean Data Wrangler usage, right? That's definitely notebook usage?

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