Not receive an email containing the URL for the web interface after creating AWS CloudFormation stack


I'm following this tutorial

At Step 2, after creating AWS CloudFormation stack, I didn't receive any email which contains the URL for the web interface, admin credentials, and a temporary password. i tried doing stack creation again but still no email. Maybe i did something wrong? Is there any other way to get the above information other than email?


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Looking at the template, the URL is part of the Output of the CloudFormation template. You can find this in the AWS Console -> CloudFormation -> Stack -> Outputs tab.

The email is suppose to come from Cognito. So, you could go into Cognito User Pool and set the password there.

Always check your Spam folder too. :)

I'm looking at this template, There is a Output, ConsoleURL. When you look at resource, ConsoleUserPoolEC556DE1, that is what the email also contains.

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  • Dear kentrad, thanks for your support. I did check the Outputs tab. You mean the URL is value of BucketDomainName? But when I clicked it, I receive a screen with an error:

    <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access Denied</Message> <RequestId>DSMK3MXVNQSPJ656</RequestId> <HostId>e+9whqcBjHUQq6VJrVy3+yrtZUm7Hx0FvQL9neFyUDl7riOcJdjCPw3/T+2KhQ18KcwJoILnpPvjAWJlVFA82w==</HostId> </Error>

    Is the template missing something like the policy? And, nothing at spam :(

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