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This is going to get quite a few eyerolls for good reason. We deployed an AppSync API with both DynamoDB and RDS data sources over a year ago. We've had some challenges with development coming and going and at some point, the schema has been modified likely due to development not really knowing what they were doing. This is all on me from a governance perspective but I am trying to get back to a last good known state as we are having quite a few issues where the schema just doesn't look right.

  1. Does the AWS toolkit have a function to regenerate schema based on previous versions (or is this Git/source code only)?
  2. I had the idea of creating an API from scratch and trying to piece it back together. Is that plausible?

Outside of the obvious, do better at software change management and governance, any other words of wisdom?


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  1. AWS Toolkit is just a plug-in for various IDEs that lets you interact directly with AWS. It does not have the capability to regenerate an AppSync schema based on previous versions. I am guessing you are probably using AWS SAM or CloudFormation for deploying the AppSync API. Those tools don't have the ability to rollback to previous revision as it is expected that will be tracked and managed via your CI/CD processes.
  2. Yes, I would start by creating a working test API and making small incremental changes until you reach your desired state. Then deploy this API to replace the API that was, for lack of a better term, corrupted.

If you are correctly using a source control system such as git, you will be able to avoid problems like these as git will track the change history. With a source control system and CD pipeline, you can easily revert a non-working deployment to a previous version.

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