How do I resolve the CNAMEAlreadyExists error when setting up a CNAME alias for my CloudFront distribution when our domain is being used by another AWS account?



We are provisioning a backend environment through cloudformation, where it is showing an error: Resource handler returned message: "Invalid request provided: AWS::CloudFront::Distribution: One or more of the CNAMEs you provided are already associated with a different resource. (Service: CloudFront, Status Code: 409, Request ID: 47a9fa19-6e39 -46f5-8602-f953f688c7b6)" (RequestToken: ecb7d94a-2a1e-c708-9f08-03bd842cf38c, HandlerErrorCode: InvalidRequest). The error occurs with both the domains and

When analyzing, we found that there are resources being used by the following account:

         "Alias": "",
         "DistributionId": "*******JHIM1QI",
         "AccountId": "******532419"

I recently opened case 170534772101201, in which we only received a generic treatment through the link

We had already consulted on this treatment. It doesn't help us, because the other AWS account is not ours. This tutorial they sent us assumes that we have access to the AWS account "******532419", however we do not have access to the account "******532419", which is not managed by us. But we have the domain and all the ways to prove that the domain is ours. How to solve?

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To use the self service API, you must deactivate it in the source distribution, so self-service does not apply to your situation.

In the product documentation [1] mentions "Contact AWS Support to move an alternate domain name"

Step 1: If you are doing a cross-account CNAME move, you need to complete the configuration on the destination first, such as certificate and DNS TXT record for validation.

Step 2: When you are finished all works of step 1, contact AWS Technical Support directly. However, if you do not purchase a Support plan, you can use customer support service alternatively, and insist that you don't have no any choice and this service is their responsibility. You can also provide the document link for them.

Enter image description here,Contact%20AWS%20Support%20to%20move%20an%20alternate%20domain%20name,-If%20the%20source

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Thank you very much

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