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always received this email for the VPN issues , Hit was like the connection was dropped. We had setup 2 pair in each VPN Tunnel, is it still will drop? or this message is just a AWS notification email only? how to fix it ?

" Your VPN Connection vpn-02cf818d35a89335d in the ap-southeast-1 Region had a momentary lapse of redundancy as one of two tunnel endpoints was replaced. Connectivity on the second tunnel was not affected during this time. Both tunnels are now operating normally.

Replacements can occur for several reasons, including health, software upgrades, customer-initiated modifications, and when underlying hardware is retired. If you have configured your VPN Customer Gateway to use both tunnels, then your VPN Connection will have utilized the alternate tunnel during the replacement process. For more on tunnel endpoint replacements, please see our documentation [1].

If you have not configured your VPN Customer Gateway to use both tunnels, then your VPN Connection may have been interrupted during the replacement. We encourage you to configure your router to use both tunnels. You can obtain the VPN Connection configuration recommendations for several types of VPN devices from the AWS Management Console [2]. On the "Amazon VPC" tab, select "VPN Connections". Then highlight the VPN Connection and choose "Download Configuration"."

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Hello! Every VPN connection is built with two tunnels to add resiliency in the connection, so it's very important for you to configure both tunnels to ensure that if any of them went down (maintenance most likely) the connection can still be up. The email you received is just a notification that one of the tunnels went down for a moment, but the other tunnel was still up. That said, it is always recommended to have a second VPN tunnel to ensure high-availability in the hybrid connectivity.

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Thank You

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Additionally please note - if you want, you can "Opt-out" of these Tunnel replacement notifications by opening a support ticket.

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