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Hello everyone!

The docs describe the metric named JsErrorCount. We had set an alarm against this metric and found that it was not firing. Upon investigation, I now see that it is no longer showing in the metric browser, nor on the CLI result. Has this metric been renamed, removed or is this a defect? Are the docs out of sync?

Thank you for the help! -Niko

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No, the JsErrorCount metric has not changed its name and is still available. I have attached an image that shows it.

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However, as described on the AWS documentation, metrics that have not had any new data points in the past two weeks do not appear in the console, and they are not returned in the results of a list-metrics command neither. You should use the get-metric-data or get-metric-statistics commands to retrieve it.

Could you check if with any of these commands returns the JsErrorCount value?

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  • I've confirmed that I still cannot find this metric in my console, nor using this command.

    I have been able to trigger errors and I see those ONLY in the RUM section of Cloudwatch console and not as a Metric and thus, no working alarm. Thanks for your help!

    aws cloudwatch get-metric-statistics --namespace "AWS/RUM" --metric-name "JsErrorCount" --start-time "2023-07-24T00:00:00Z" --end-time "2023-08-16T00:05:03Z" --period 3600 --statistics "Sum"

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