Databases in RDS is empty (deleted)


My databases in RDS mysql suddenly empty, database was working normally at 11.00 am (+8.00) today.. surprisedly at 12.00pm (+8.00) i got call said the apps cannot connect to database and do a surface check.. all created databases are missing. This is my first time experience in 7 years subscribe to aws services. perhaps it was injected by anonymous.

Could you suggest what is the best practise and activity to be performed for do some investigation?

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If the database itself is missing, you can look at CloudTrail to see who or what deleted the RDS instance.

If the database still exists and something has dropped all tables or all schemas, then you'll to rely on the database logs to attempt to determine how this happened. If this is the case, then surely AWS had no part of the data loss.

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  • thank your for your prompt reply, i enabled the cloudtrail. but fail to find any keyword to find the related information


other than event and log at database instance.. any other place i can view the log? from cloudtrail i cannot see other logs for rds dated 27 oct and before...

any guide to prevent database drop from db instance?

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I have the same issue here. Did you figured out the reason?

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