Manual/automatic snapshots after terminating RedShift cluster



I took manual and final snapshots, before terminating my RedShift cluster.

And I've created RedShift cluster, with same name.

In RDS console, I can see manual, automatic and final snapshots, if I re-create RDS cluster, with same name.

But, in RedShift console, don't see manual and final snapshots. Is there anyway to get those snapshots?



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In Amazon Redshift, when you take manual snapshots, they are retained until you explicitly delete them, even if you delete the cluster. However, when you create a new cluster with the same name, you won't automatically see those manual snapshots in the Redshift console.

To access and restore manual snapshots for a new Redshift cluster:

  1. Identify Manual Snapshots: You need to identify the manual snapshots associated with the previous cluster. These snapshots should still be available in your AWS account, even if the original cluster has been deleted.
2)Restore Snapshot: You can restore a manual snapshot to create a new cluster by using the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or SDK. Here's how you can do it using the AWS Management Console:
    Go to the Amazon Redshift console.
    In the navigation pane, choose "Snapshots".
    Select the manual snapshot you want to restore.
    Choose "Restore snapshot".
    Configure the details of the new cluster, such as the cluster identifier, node type, and other settings.
    Review and confirm the restore operation.

3)Wait for Cluster Creation: Once you initiate the restore operation, AWS will create a new cluster using the selected manual snapshot. The process may take some time depending on the size of the cluster and the snapshot.

4)Verify: After the new cluster is created, verify that it's functioning as expected and that the data from the manual snapshot has been successfully restored.

It's important to note that automatic snapshots and final snapshots are specific to the cluster lifecycle and are not preserved when you delete the cluster. However, manual snapshots are retained until explicitly deleted, allowing you to restore them even after the original cluster is deleted.

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