AWS IoT for ESP32


Hi, Wanted to know current avaiable solution for AWS, BLE and WiFi using ESP32. Can the available e.g. be directly used and modified?

For development support what is available? if not free then what are plan prices.

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Depending on your arch type, you can find compatible guides here. Take a look at the partner device catalog where you can choose the kind of ESP32 device you want to work with and take a look at the guides on their individual guide pages.

For clarity: The partner devices are created by the partners which are third party vendors. AWS provides support for AWS IoT Core and FreeRTOS and other cloud offerings. The devices themselves are offered and priced by companies that build them.

Hope that helps.

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  • Hi, was looking for support from code development perspective of ESP32 for application of AWS-WiFi and BLE controlled devices. For such support wanted to know if its free, where to get support and if paid what are prices.

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