Boto3 'Chime' object has no attribute 'create_app_instance'


Using the following python code in a lambda function:

import boto3
chime_client = boto3.client('chime', region_name='us-east-1')

def lambda_handler(event, context):

response = chime_client.create_app_instance(  

Expected result:

Get a new app_instance object with associated arn.

Current result:
"errorMessage": "'Chime' object has no attribute 'create_app_instance'", "errorType": "AttributeError"

Boto3 documentation includes this attribute for the chime client, but includes the following: Only Messaging SDK customers use this API. Who are "Messaging SDK customers" and how do you become one?

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Solved it by installing the latest boto3 as a dependency via pip install rather than using the 'default' included version of boto3 in the Lambda service. It seems this preinstalled version does not get updated often enough to include the newest available properties.

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