Lambda event filter by content inside array


I'm trying to create a Lambda Event Filter but got stuck on how to do this. I'd like to filter by the content of the body of the message. The problem is: this content is inside an array. Here is an exemple of what I'm trying to do: The body of the message:

  "infoA": "foo",
  "infoB": [
      "infoC": "bar",
      "infoD": "someStuff"

So I'd like to apply a filter for that lambda execute only when 'infoC' == 'bar'(my infoB list will always have only one item). My lambda is subscribed to a SQS, so this is why my filter starts with body key. I've already tried the following filter patterns, without success:

{"body": {"infoB": {"infoC": ["bar"]} } }
{"body": {"infoB": [{"infoC": ["bar"]}] } }

None of this actually worked. On the AWS Lambda documentation, I didn't find information about this kind of filtering (a list inside the body of the message).

I found here that it is possible to filter if any object of the list that has "infoC" = "bar". That would work for me, but didn't find the documentation that explains this anyfilter

  • Why not send the events to event bridge and parse it out through rules?

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I would recommend sending it to event bridge parsing it there and then only sending the requests that match to the lambda. However you can use SNS filtering. It should work.

Event bridge

SNS Filtering

Take a look at the JSON being sent to SNS and use the example to parse it out.

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