Getting "Platform credentials are invalid" when create platform application in SNS


Hi everyone,

I am new to SNS and would like to construct my own app. When I tried to create a platform application, I am facing an error saying: "Error code: InvalidParameter - Error message: Invalid parameter: Attributes Reason: Platform credentials are invalid" Here is what I did:

  • Getting the API key:
    • Firebase console/Project Overview/CloudMessaging/Firebase Cloud Messaging API(V1)/Manage Service Accounts redirects to Google cloud APIs &Services page
    • APIs &Services page/Credentials/API Keys/Android key (auto created by Firebase)
    • Copy the API key.
  • Creating the platform application
    • SNS/Push notifications/Create platform application
    • Application name: testApp
    • Push notification platform: FCM
    • API key: paste the API key I am sure the API key is copied directly from the android key generated by firebase, but SNS keeps saying "Platform credentials are invalid". I also tried to limit the "Android key (auto created by Firebase)" to an andoird app, and waited for hours. It does not solve the error. Can anyone help to check which part is wrong? Thanks.
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Eventually used the "Cloud Messaging API (Legacy)"'s server key.

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  • How did you find "Cloud Messaging API (Legacy)"'s server key. It's invisible to me.

  • I have also found it and need to reactivate it


Hey there,

I've been down that road before, and that error message can be a bit frustrating, but fear not, we'll get you sorted. The issue seems to be a hiccup between Firebase and SNS during the platform application creation. Double-check that you've copied the API key correctly – it's easy to miss a character or space.

Now, about limiting the API key to the Android app, you're on the right track, but sometimes, these changes take a bit to propagate. Waiting a few hours might not be enough. Try giving it a bit more time, and if it still persists, consider rechecking the Firebase configurations.

Also, make sure the package name in your Firebase project matches the one you're using in your SNS platform application. Mismatched package names can lead to this kind of headache.

I've had my fair share of battles with these integrations, and patience has often been the key. Hang in there, and let me know if these suggestions do the trick.

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