How do you block spam going from your domain email (hacked)


How do you block spam going from your domain email (hacked). Let say someone assumed your user password or they hacked email code.

**I created my own solution. in ubuntu **

But i want to find out how others manage it. What are the solution. I see greylisting in postfix that really do not solve anything. Most of the people talking about incoming spam. I really do not care as it is more of harmless stuff and intelligent filter can sort that out.

Your ip gets blocked if your email spamming others. if many people work on project bad code can get in. For example there are many websites in an account and someone put some wordpress website in one the domain and that is vulnerable to hacking.

I googled but no one is done anything for outgoing spam.

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I asked hypothetical question. I wanted to find how people prepare for it. Only people with experience in this know how to fix it before it happens. I am very close to stop outgoing spam using postfix filters. Greylisting can be used for incoming spam.

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  • If a hacker has the skill to get into your instance and use your mail server to send spam out, they probably have the skill to evade outgoing filters.

    That said, there are way to have services like spamassassin scan outgoing email, but I haven't looked into them.


Well, if your instance has been hacked, I would suggest shutting down the mail server and focus on getting your server secure.

After you've secured your server, clear the outgoing mail queue.

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