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Hi, I launched and configured a new ec2 instance and associated an elastic ip address with the instance. I created a new hosted zone in route 53 with a simple A record pointing to the elastic ip address. I can reach my site using the the elastic ip address but can't using my url. I checked error logs, but nothing there. I tried start stop and reboot. Didn't work. I should be able to reach my site with a simple A, SOA and NS. records.

Any suggestions, Thanks.

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Is it possible to resolve the name of a domain linked to EC2 using the following command?
Also check the name resolution of your NS records to make sure the hosted zone is available.

dig ns

If the name resolution of the NS record is successful, the hosted zone itself can be used, so it is possible that the domain propagation is simply taking time.
You can check the domain propagation status from the URL below.

If the NS record cannot be resolved, the hosted zone may not be usable.
In that case, please check whether the NS record checked using the "whois" command matches the NS record set in Route53.
If the NS records do not match, please modify the Route53 NS records to match the NS records checked by "whois".


Also, try setting up a virtual host etc. on the web server side so that it can listen on the domain.
If you use Apache, you can configure it as shown in the document below.

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My hosted zone shows my NS records, but I get errors when trying to look up ns for my url.

A DNS lookup shows that my url has no dns asociated with it. MXtoolbox provided this:

Sorry, we couldn't find any name servers for ''

Unable to resolve '' to an IP address.


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