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A few days ago I received an email saying that my free tier is about to expire after 12 months, so I wanted to check my bills and found that I supposedly have an EC2 instance and an S3 instance active, but then I go to the dashboard EC2 and S3 and I don't have anything active, not even as (stopped) or any active volume or bucket, should I be concerned? Main dashboard Billing description S3 dashboard EC2 global dashboard

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You could have an EBS storage volume still hanging around, even after the compute instance to which it was attached has been terminated. From the screenshot this looks like it would be in the Ohio region, so check at

If it's not a volume then it may be a snapshot, check at

A snapshot would actually make more sense, as it ties in with the unexpected charge for S3 (snapshots are stored in S3, but in an Amazon-managed bucket that the account doesn't have sight of).

It's best to check both of the above - volumes & snapshots - and if you don't find anything there then come back here and we can take a further look.

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S3 also charges for PUT and GET requests.
The invoice shows "1request".
Perhaps your past requests to S3 were reflected in your invoices.

I don't think you need to worry about the EBS as well, as there is no charge if it is not left.

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