Savings plan negation greater than savings plan covered usage


As a CSP savings plan are bought at payee account level and shared with all individual sub-accounts we have two sub accounts where savings plan negation is greater than savings plan covered usage

  1. 86678188xxxx
    Negation : -1485.4091014317987 Covered Usage : 1434.3921579783998
  2. 87620327xxxx
    Negation : -8393.888197400727 Covered Usage : 7714.54739607721 I want to understand what is the reason for this behaviour? Because ideally sum of these two numbers should be zero.
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Hi there,

Our Account & Billing support team will gladly discuss this matter with you.

Please reach out to them via your Support Center. To speed up their response time, please don't hesitate to make use of our chat / phone support option:

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- Rafeeq C.

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Generally, you're right in saying that the SUM of "covered usage" and "negation" should equal to $0. You can reach out to support, so they'll be able to investigate better, but in the meantime - I suggest you can also provide them answers to the questions like:

  • Are those 2 linked accounts the only linked accounts in your Organization (i.e. you have one Payer account and 2 linked accounts)?
  • Do you run any resources on the Payer account? Does Payer account benefit from the Compute SP discount, too?
  • How exactly you are monitoring how your SP are applying? In billing dashboard, in Cost Explorer, in Cost and Usage Report, or in any other third-party tool?
  • Do you apply any filters when you track this cost? e.g. you only look at EC2, however you also have Fargate & Lambda usage, and you filter them out?

There are a few variables to your question that could help us provide a better answer :)

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