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There was a Topic and Payload that communicated with AWS IoT using MQTT. For example, Topic : 'test/payload' , Payload : '{"data1":"value1", "data2":"value2"}' I want to use AWS IoT Device Shadow. Are you unable to use Topic and Payload in the past? Should I use a Topic that fits Device Shadow? Looking at the description $aws/things/THING_NAME/shadow/update: Used to update the state of the device shadow. $aws/things/THING_NAME/shadow/get: Used to query the current state of device shadows. $aws/things/THING_NAME/shadow/delete: Used to delete device shadows. It is described as above. Do I need to change the Topic and Payload to match the device shadow? Otherwise, keep the Topic and Payload that were used Do I need to add Device Shadow Topic, Payload? thank you

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when you want to use the AWS IoT Device Shadow service you must use the shadow topics and follow the message structure from the device shadow.

To publish to the shadow topics you can either interact directly with them or you can try to use a rule to republish from your original topic to the shadow topic and transform the message accordingly.

Would be also good to know what your use-case is for device shadows.


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