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How can I give a task an internal fixed ip or an internal dns host to connect from another task of another service?

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You could use a load balancer, though that may be excessive. Have you looked at AWS Cloud Map? It's a service discovery service, and may be able to provide the lookup you need.

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  • it looks like Cloud Map to register a service requires IP address... but with using Fargate as a capacity provider, as far as I understand, it's always dynamic


That is the standard way to do it. Because being something so normal, I imagine that it will be biased in one way, or not?

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I have the same issue. I'm starting a service using ECS Fargate model, and simply need to access this service from VPC INTERNALLY, it should not be available publicly. Obviously, I'm assuming it should not be additional cost/delay. As far as I understand right now, each time new task is created by ECS based on your task definition, it could have different private IP address. So, you cannot use it in, say, a connection string of your other services. I'm not sure if this is correct, but it looks like I have to implement some kind of service discovery feature, when either service registers it's private ip address somehwere when it starts, or client quires amazon services and figures out service ip address in VPC based on task metadata, like by parsing result of a CLI command: aws ecs describe-tasks --cluster your_cluster_name_here --tasks 6fafaa335_id_of_instantiated_task Will return you something like: { "tasks": [ { "attachments": [ { "id": "ffffffff-171e-43e7-8ef3-10c5a2ec396c", "type": "ElasticNetworkInterface", "status": "ATTACHED", "details": [ { "name": "subnetId", "value": "subnet-fffffffff" }, { "name": "networkInterfaceId", "value": "eni-fffffffffffffffff" }, { "name": "privateDnsName", "value": "" }, { "name": "privateIPv4Address", "value": "" } ] } ],

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