NICE DCV Feedback? Bug reports?


How can I give feedback to the NICE DCV folks?


It looks like y'all are dipping a toe into gaming through the client with the addition of UDP and QUIC as well as gamepad support. There's one glaring issue from my tests so far: when using a mouse-driven game, a lot of these games have a long press and drag to rotate the camera. NICE DCV interprets this long press and drag as actual mouse movement. This causes unexpected camera behavior once the invisible mouse movement reaches the end of the display resolution. An easy reproduction can be seen in Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft. Try out a character and then attempt to long press and drag your mouse. I think the ideal case is that the long press and drag be no longer interpreted as actual system-level mouse movement, allowing the game to properly rotate the camera.

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Hi there -

Happy to relay your feedback to the DCV team. Can you confirm if you're using the relative mouse mode when you have this issue?

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  • It does work while using relative mouse mode, but that mode is sadly incredibly laggy and unusable. If the lag could be fixed in that mode, it would be a fine compromise.

  • Thanks for the follow up - I'll relay it to the DCV team.


Hi Trey,

Thanks for providing this feedback. We will look into this issue.

For this types of issues/feedback in the future, if you have any AWS Support plan, you could submit a technical support ticket with support and they will help troubleshoot and forward to the DCV team if needed. If you don't have a Support plan, posting on re:Post also works.


Rey from DCV team

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