AWS Transfer Family announces support for sending AS2 messages over HTTPS

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AWS Transfer Family New Feature Launch Announcement

AWS Transfer Family now allows you to send Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) messages using HTTPS. AS2 offers security features like encryption and non-repudiation by default. With the ability to send AS2 messages over HTTPS, you can now benefit from an additional layer of in-transit encryption for your most sensitive EDI payloads and further compatibility with trading partners that require SSL/TLS communications.

Customers across verticals such as healthcare and life sciences, retail, financial services, and insurance that rely on AS2 for exchanging business-critical data use AWS Transfer Family’s highly available, scalable, and globally available AS2 endpoints to more cost effectively and securely exchange transactional data with their trading partners. Exchanged data is natively accessible in AWS for processing, analysis, and machine learning, as well as for integrations with business applications running on AWS.

The ability to send AS2 messages over HTTPS is available in all regions where the AWS Transfer Service is available. To learn more, visit the AWS Transfer Family user guide on sending and receiving AS2 messages over HTTPS.

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