What are the bandwidth limits for AWS Client VPNs.


When connecting to an eu-west-2 AWS Client VPN with the AWS VPN Client we are seeing significantly reduced connection speeds compared to tests without the VPN connected.
The docs state there is a "10 Mbps bandwidth limit per user connection" but this does not match what we are experiencing (some users have around 100Mbps).

What bandwidth is supported by AWS for these services?
Are there any approaches to improving performance?

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I think the 1.25 Gbps bandwidth is for Site to Site VPNs per tunnel. I cant locate any documentation regarding the AWS VPN Client Limitations

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  • It looks like that this hardcoded: Quote

    Verify the bandwidth limit for a Client VPN endpoint

    Problem I need to verify the bandwidth limit for a Client VPN endpoint.

    Cause The throughput depends on multiple factors, such as the capacity of your connection from your location, and the network latency between your Client VPN desktop application on your computer and the VPC endpoint. There is also a 10 Mbps bandwidth limit per user connection.


hello, AWS Client VPN has a default bandwidth limit of 1.25 Gbps for each VPN connection. The 10 Mbps limit you mentioned might be a reference to the default bandwidth limit per user connection. AWS Client VPN allows you to define a maximum bandwidth limit for each user connection, and the default is 10 Mbps. However, this can be adjusted based on your requirements.

To check and adjust the bandwidth limit for a user connection, you can follow these steps:

1.Open the AWS Management Console.
2.Navigate to the Amazon VPC console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/vpc/.
3.In the navigation pane, choose "Client VPN Endpoints."
4.Select your Client VPN endpoint.
5.Choose the "Connections" tab.
6.Select the user connection for which you want to adjust the bandwidth limit.
7.Choose the "Details" tab.
8.In the "User Connection Settings" section, adjust the "Maximum User Connection Bandwidth" as needed.

Keep in mind that other factors can contribute to reduced connection speeds, such as network latency, client device capabilities, and the underlying infrastructure. Here are some general tips for improving performance:

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  • Thanks for your answer! But I don't seem to have those options.

    After step 6 the only option for the User Connection is Terminate Connection. Going back to the Details tab (which isn't scoped to an individual user) gives me a page that doesn't have any User Connection Settings section.

    Can I politely ask if you are a Human, or a ChatGPT bot?

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