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I want to use my AWS Route 53 domain with Cloudflare’s nameservers. I’ve changed the nameservers under Registered Domains and also under Hosted Zones. I then realised that it’s probably redundant to have it there twice, so I deleted the Hosted Zone. This then broke everything so I added it back.

Now with them both set to Cloudflare’s nameservers, I’m waiting 3 days for the DNS to finish propitiating (it hasn’t propagated to my country yet so my site doesn’t work for me).

Without breaking anything else, is it possible to point my domain to Cloudflare’s nameservers without having a Hosted Zone set up? Pointing my domain to the same nameservers through 2 different areas of AWS just seems like it should be redundant.

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You can consider lowering the TTL value on Name servers which can help to reduces downtime for your domain if you discover a problem while you're migrating DNS to 3rd party.

I see that you are updating the Name servers for your domain with Cloudflare Name servers. To do this Follow below steps :

  • Lower the DNS TTL value of Name servers both in Cloudflare as well R53.
  • Create all the DNS records in Cloudflare's Hosted zone . You can export DNS record from R53 hosted zone and import it to Cloudflare hosted zone.
  • Go to Route53 Domains section, and update the Name Servers with Cloudflare NS.
  • Verify DNS is propagated globally . You can use tools such as DNS checker
  • Delete the R53 hosted zone after your DNS is propagated globally.

More info can be found here

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  • Does the SOA record in my AWS Hosted Zone still have to be set to Amazon‘s servers?

    Also, under the “Hosted Zone Details” drop-down it’s still set to Amazon’s nameservers. I can’t seem to change them here. I don’t understand why the nameservers are in 3 different places.

  • You are going to delete the R53 Hosted zone, once DNS is propagated globally. So none of the record (Including SOA, NS etc) that you configured on your Route53 hosted zone will be evaluated because you Name servers are set to Clouflare. You do not need Name Servers in 3 Places. You already have Cloudflare Name servers on your Cloudflare Hosted zone, only other place that you need to have your name server configured is in Amazon is Registrar(not Route53 hosted zone), So that Amazon Registrar can let the Registry know how to send traffic to your domain name.

  • Okay. In that case I've deleted the Hosted Zone in Route 53. The nameservers are still propagating now from what I set in the "Registered Domains" section. Thanks.

  • Hello,

    They still haven’t been propagated. This is taking a long time!

  • What is your domain name ?


I can see domain is pointing to Cloudflare NS.

$ dig NS +short

DNS checker also shows Cloudflare NS for your domain worldwide as per :

Whois lookup is correctly returning Amazon as registrar and Cloudflare as authoritative Name servers:

Domain is getting resolved for following IP address:

$ dig A +short

I do not see any issue with domain or with the propagation based on above publicly available tools . If you have any issue resolving specific subdomain, I recommend you to contact Cloudflare, as they are handling DNS .

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