Need to know what services is provided by gamelift


Hi i'm a newbie. I have 3 questions :

  1. Which SDK to use for creating game session?
  2. Is "GameLift Realtime Client SDK" a network relay service like photon?
  3. Can i host a database in gamelift?

Thanks in advance...

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  1. You can create a game session using the AWS CLI, the standard AWS client SDKs: (has list of the SDKs at the bottom or its managed for you if you are using the GameLift realtime product.
  2. GameLift realtime is managed networked service - GameLift takes care of provisioning, scaling and setting up the servers (they are backed by real AWS compute) and you provide the server script(s) and client integration.
  3. You can't host a database in GameLift as its just one of many AWS Services. You can host your database in AWS DynamoDB, Redshift etc and then use an instance role to give your server (in the case of realtime your script) permission to call and work with whatever AWS service you want (in this case your DynamoDB table or other AWS database service)

Hope that helps.

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Hi dude. thanks for your reply. It helps me a alot...

by the way:

  1. Is this the correct link to download the sdk\
  2. gamelift realtime is similar to photon service?
  3. Is there any service like playfab in aws?

regarding point 2 dan 3, I dont mean to compare with other product, just to get the idea of what it is.

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  1. It depends on which GameLift solution you are going for (Managed Servers - ie you provide the server binary) or Realtime (you just provide a server script).
  2. I don't have much direct experience with Photon, but they have similar features (ie scaling, matchmaking, hosting, latency, cross-play etc). With GameLift you will probably need to involve other AWS services to meet your needs (ie theres no Cloud save like feature by default, but its easy to build with other AWS services). As with all product comparisons a lot gets down to costs, features and exactly what does your game need. I would assume there are good comparison guides out there.
  3. There is no one-off Game As A Service like Playfab in AWS.
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