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timeout problem / no space left on device

hi guys, i wanted to ask how to solve a problem. On an instance with this configuration "8 GB RAM, 2 vCPU, 160 GB SSD, Plesk Hosting Stack on Ubuntu" I have Wordpress installed and I can't clean secondary partitions to avoid free space problems during updates. This problem takes the site offline. Is there any tools to check the space and clean this from temporary files or resize these partitions to avoid other problems? I await your advice and wish you a good day.

regards Fabio

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I understand that you are experiencing the error below: “timeout problem / no space left on device”

To troubleshoot your error you need to upsize your Lightsail instance, block storage disk, or database, create a snapshot of your resource, and then create a new, larger version of that resource using the snapshot [1]. Prerequisites: You'll need a snapshot of your Lightsail instance, block storage disk, or database. For more information, see the following document [2] You can also create a new block storage disk and attach it to your instance [3].

You can you the following commands to check free space:

  1. df -h (With -h option, it shows the disk space in human-readable format (MB and GB)).
  2. fdisk -l (Shows disk size along with disk partitioning information (may require sudo privileges)).
  3. df -T (If you want to view the disk usage with more details like filesystem type and blocks.)

Please see the following link for more information about temporary files:

References: [1]
[2] [3] [4]

I hope the information above is helpful. Please feel free to reach out for any concerns.

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