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I currently have a CodeBuild project from a CDK pipeline that uses the amazonlinux2-aarch64 image on ARM. I'm looking to switch to an Ubuntu-based image running x86_64 because the Amazon Linux images do not support the latest Node. However, when I update it in the CodeBuild console, I get this error,

AWS CodeBuild curated image aws/codebuild/standard:6.0 is not supported for projects with environment type ARM_CONTAINER and compute type BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL.

I am assuming the environment type ARM_CONTAINER is the contention here, but I don't see any configuration that would allow me to change this. How do I update the image so I can switch to using the Ubuntu-based image? I checked "Edit" -> "Project configuration"/"Environment"/"Buildspec", none of them appears to have that configuration.

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For anyone else stumbling upon this, it seems like the AWS console is just buggy. I ended up running this command in the Cloud Shell, which changed the compute type.

aws codebuild update-project --name WebsiteDeploymentCDKPipelin-bSL5HmFVh1nx --environment '{"type": "LINUX_CONTAINER", "computeType": "BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL", "image": "aws/codebuild/standard:6.0"}'
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